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3.23 addClient Android Example

I. Providing JSON as a parameter:

VPNSDK.CmdProc("{\"cmd\": 21, \"data\": {\"email\": \"[email protected]\", \"password\": \"123456\", \"countrycode\": \"US\", \"type\": \"1\"}}");

Result of this command will be returned using onNotify method provided on initialization

II. Convenient form:

VPNSDK.CommandNotifyCB callback = new VPNSDK.CommandNotifyCB() {
        public void onNotify(int notification, int error, Object data) {
            if (error == VPNSDK.OVS_ERROR_CODES.OVS_ERR_OK) {
                // Do something when command is successful
            } else {
                // Process error
VPNSDK.CmdProc(VPNSDK.OVS_CMD_CODES.OVS_CMD_ADD_CLIENT, callback, "[email protected]", "123456", "US", "1");

This form of method accepts following parameters:

  1. Command code
  2. Callback to be invoked after command execution
  3. Email
  4. Password
  5. Country code
  6. Client type

data parameter of callback will be null. Result could be determined based on error parameter of callback.