Unified in-app VPN SDK's for Microsoft Windows Vista+, Android 4.4+, Mac OS 10.7+, iOS 9.0+, Ubuntu Linux LTS 18.04+. Earlier OS versions can be supported as well by request. Please contact [email protected] to receive your own API key.

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C# In-App VPN SDK Sample project

The sample application allows to establish connection to a VPN server (USA Chicago) by IKEv2 protocol.


  1. Click on “Login” button and wait for the “Login successfully” text in the text window
  2. Click on “Connect” button to Connect VPN
  3. Click on “Disconnect” button to Disconnect VPN
  4. Click on “Exit” button to Disconnect VPN and close application

You can find sources of the project on Google Drive

Please follow the instructions below to build the project:

  1. Unpack downloaded archive
  2. Run MS Visual Studio (recommended VS2015 community +):
  3. Open solution file DLL_Usage_Sample.sln
  4. Right click on the project DesktopApp1
  5. Choose “Release” and “x86” configuration
  6. Build the solution
  7. Once the build process is completed, write down the path to the binary exe file. For example: “D:\C-Sharp-VPN-Sample\bin\x86\Release\C-Sharp-VPN-Sample.exe”
  8. Ensure that “Release” folder which contains C-Sharp-VPN-Sample.exe also contains all the following necessary dependencies: Kucore.dll Libcurl.dll Libeay32.dll liblzo2-2.dll libpkcs11-helper-1.dll ssleay32.dll Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  9. Run C-Sharp-VPN-Sample.exe

For demonstration purposes only, all SDK usage related code is located in a Form1 class. However, it is recommended to create a separate wrapper class for real projects.