Unified in-app VPN SDK's for Microsoft Windows Vista+, Android 4.4+, Mac OS 10.7+, iOS 9.0+, Ubuntu Linux LTS 18.04+. Earlier OS versions can be supported as well by request. Please contact [email protected] to receive your own API key.

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3.31 Logout OS X Example

Logout() function could be written in the following way:

void Logout()
    json_object *j_obj, *j_data_obj;
    char szCmd[1024];
    j_obj = json_object_new_object();
    json_object_object_add(j_obj, "cmd", json_object_new_int(OVS_CMD_LOGOUT));
    snprintf(szCmd, sizeof(szCmd), "%s", json_object_get_string(j_obj));

Result will be returned via callback as a JSON:

code will be OVS_NOTIFY_LOGOUT

err will be OVS_ERR_OK in case of success

data will be null